Digital Culture Drop in Session and Digital Fluency – Wednesday 12th April 2017

Having a digital dilemma? Staff from Central Saint Martins, London College of Communication and The London College of Fashion collaborated with ‘Digital Culture programme’ on  Drop in session in the street of Central Saint Martins. Designed to help both staff and students navigate digital space, UAL’s respective Technology Enhanced Learning Co-ordinators were ready to lend a helping hand.

“Although we do have a web presence where people can contact us, not everyone will see that. So we want to reach out to students and staff by going to them, we hope that by being out here in the open where everyone can see us people will know that we are here to help. We want to create an atmosphere where people can ask questions and not feel embarrassed.” Eleanor Dare, London College of Communication’s Technology Enhanced Learning Co-ordinator (TeLCo)explains.

“Digital Fluency is a concept formulated by the TeLCo’s from CSM, CCW, LCC and LCF. We were lucky enough to be awarded some funding from the Teaching and Learning Fund. Digital Fluency is a concept we developed to aid staff and students  “Everything You Wanted To Know About Digital But Were Too Afraid To Ask” is our motto. We offer tips on how you can use digital more efficiently for your work, teaching and learning. – You name it – we will try to answer your questions” Jennifer Williams-Baffoe, Central Saint Martins Technology Enhanced Learning Co-ordinator stated.

With answers to questions regarding resizing images, Moodle, e-mails, PDFs, Myblogs and Office 365 – the TelCo’s have all your digital concerns covered If you have any queries for the TeLCo’s you can list them here: To further elaborate on the vast digital reach of Office 365,  representative Mark Reynolds was present as well. “Office 365 is the University’s system for e-mail. We’re trying to raise awareness of all the other parts, things like Onedrive for storing your documents, Skype for business, mobile apps for phones and iPad’s as well as across Mac and PC’s as well.”

Staff and students alike had questions for the TelCo’s. Central Saint Martin’s Learning Zone Manager, David Bracegirdle shares, “Office 365 changes very frequently. Having said that – each one of the new things they chuck in suggests what to do if and when something unexpected happens – which seems to be what they have added in recently.”

If you have any questions regarding the digital space, the Digital culture team are coordinating another drop-in session on the 3rd of May 2017, Kings Cross, on Social Media from 2pm – 4pm in room D107  – so keep your eyes peeled!

Watch below for a taste of today’s drop-in session: