How Office 365 Can Improve Your Wellbeing with Hable *CSM Staff Development Week

How Office 365 Can Improve Your Wellbeing with Hable *CSM Staff Development Week
• You need a UAL email address to access Office365
• A working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is useful but not essential
• Please bring an internet enabled device with you. We will be using a Windows device for demonstration purposes but will refer to other operating systems
Learning objectives:
• To discover, and practice using, some of tools in Office 365 which can support well-being and empower a more simplified, less cluttered and more focused use of digital technology
• To investigate tools which improve and streamline communication, time management and personal and team organisation
Topics include:
• The Office 365 Dashboard and the advantages of a One Stop Shop
• Store, Share and Sync your files in One Drive
• Using Teams for a single digital workspace
• Setting up your mobile devices for ( controlled) anytime access
De Clutter
• OneNote : your digital notebook for capturing ideas and tasks wherever you are
• Digitising Content with Office Lens and OneNote
• The development of “Calm Technology”
• Remove distractions when reading content
• Manage your notifications
Let Technology take the Strain
• Formatting and Headings
• Proofing and Editing
• Researcher and Smart Look up
• Dictation and Read Aloud Tools
• Keyboard Shortcuts
At time of posting there were 13 spaces available. To book go through your Itrent account which you can access here 
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