Reflector (Multi-device screen mirroring) & XMind (Multi-function mapping) for teaching, research, development and practice with Naomi Dines and Arya Fathi

Time: 12.30pm – 4.30pm (Round 1 – 12.30pm – Round 2 – 14.30pm)
NB Please be there for a 12:30 start for round one, and 14:30 for round two.
Location: LVMH Theatre Room E003
Naomi Dines and Arya Fathi will present and host your participation with ‘Reflector’ – a wireless screen mirroring application that allows you to share, curate and record screen output from multiple devices across different operating systems and platforms simultaneously. A fantastic tool for teaching, presenting, collaboration and communication between multiple users via their own devices, and being able to capture the results if desired.
Please bring your own devices: Laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. to join in with the collaborative Reflection.
Xmind: Multi-function diagram, mapping and planning software
Naomi Dines will present and introduce you to ‘XMind’ – a mind mapping, diagram, planning and project management tool with a wide variety of uses, functions and outputs. This software can transform the organisation, planning and writing of complex projects and tasks, and allow you to communicate and collaborate with others via an infinite canvas of diagrammatic, textual, graphic and multi-media elements, all on the same ‘page’, as well as input and output from and to a wide variety of standard software packages.
You should be able to download ‘Xmind 8 Pro’ from CSM’s Self Service onto UAL laptops so that you can trial and use it in the session, or download the free ‘Zen’ version for Windows, Mac or iOS from XMind at: .